Privacy Policy

Privacy and Data Protection Policy (v2)

  1. Background
    1. All organisations are required to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) from 25th May 2018.
    2. The security of individuals’ ‘personal data’ has always been a priority to the Maulden Neighbourhood Plan (MNP) Steering Group.  In the context of the MNP, ‘personal data’ includes email addresses, telephone number(s) and addresses of individuals, businesses or other organisations.
    3. This statement of MNP’s Privacy Policy explains what the MNP Steering Group has done to comply with GDPR, what you need to do to help us and, importantly, to reassure you that we have put into place appropriate measures to retain and maintain your ‘personal data’ securely.

2. Why we need your data

2.1 MNP provides information about our activities and events to individuals, eg invitations to attend meetings, agendas and minutes (usually via email) – on request.  This indicates that we have a legitimate interest in continuing our communication with you. 

3. What we do with your data

    1. 1.1.MNP Steering Group will act as the ‘Data Controller’. Personal data retained in digital form (ie for the purposes of emails, etc) may be stored on MNP Officials’ personal computers, solely for the purposes of communicating with you.
    2. 1.2.‘Hard copies’, eg. written lists of names, email addresses, telephone numbers and addresses, will be kept securely and not disclosed to third parties, except with your agreement. 
    3. 1.3.Emails sent out ‘en bloc’ by MNP representatives to non-officials/non-members of MNP’s Working Groups will be ‘blind copied’, to maintain confidentiality of ‘personal data’ [ie email addresses].   
    4. 1.4.Officials and members of the MNP Steering Group and Working Groups will not share your ‘personal data’ with others – except with your consent. This will be assumed to be permitted if you have personally circulated information revealing any of your own ‘personal data’, eg to enable contact for the purposes of developing the MNP.

4. How long will we keep your data

4.1 ‘Personal data’ will be retained until the termination of the MNP Project – currently projected to be completed by 2021 – or until you request that such data be deleted.

4.2 MNP will continue to regularly request that you reaffirm your consent to continue to receive information and communications from the MNP

5.  Your rights

5.1 We hope that this statement of MNP’s Privacy Policy is reassuring. We have sought to keep it simple, and proportionate, whilst endeavouring to keep within the spirit and the letter of the Law.

5.2 If you are concerned, require further information, wish to ‘opt out’ of receiving information from MNP or complain how we have handled your personal data please contact the MNP via: .

ALAN PLOM        

Chair, Maulden Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

24 May 2018