Green Infrastructure Survey Maps

Maulden Context Map

Maps under license by Ordnance Survey © 2018.

Produced by The Greensand Trust on behalf of the Maulden Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Maulden Parish Council

Maps have been compressed for display purposes. For full size maps please contact Maulden Neighbourhood Plan.

Maulden Landscape with Views
Maulden Landscape with Views
Maulden Biodiversity Map
Maulden Biodiversity Map
Maulden Historic Environment Map
Maulden Historic Environment Map

Details of sites included in Historic Environment Record and shown on Map 4

Number Feature
220 Moat (site of), Limbersey
221 Moat and earthworks of enclosures, Bolebec Farm.  Scheduled Monument
578 Rectilinear enclosure cropmarks, north of New Road Farm
754 Linear Earthwork
918 Late Iron Age and Roman occupation, Ruxox Farm
1178 Earthworks of medieval/post-medieval manor house site, north of Maulden Church
1954 Clay pit
2768 Possible medieval iron-working site
2771 Prehistoric flint finds, Ruxox Farm
2775 Iron age burial
2946 Clay pit
2960 Sand pit
2961 Sand pit
2962 Sand pit
2963 Clophill windmill
2967 Sand pit
2968 Clay pit
2969 Clay pit
2970 Clay pit
4445 Ridge and furrow, Maulden parish
4925 Possible moat, The Grange
6586 Sand pit, Snowshill
6626 Site of windmill, Windmill Hill
8931 St Mary’s parish churchyard
8932 Baptist churchyard
10120 Sand pit
10122 Possible rabbit warren
10125 Town Knowl
13231 Montague Wood, ancient woodland
13232 Maulden Wood, ancient woodland
14745 Enclosure cropmarks near Maulden Church
15278 Linear earthworks, north-west of King’s Farm
16136 Holloway, east of Silsoe Road
16645 Enclosure cropmark, east of South Limbersey Farm
16995 Maulden medieval village
17001 Green End medieval settlement
Access, Openspace and Recreation Map
Access, Openspace and Recreation Map
Maulden Access to Greenspace
Maulden Access to Greenspace

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