MV NHP Steering Committee Minutes 31st January 2018


Minutes of the 20th meeting – 31st January 2018

Held in The George Inn, Upstairs Meeting Room, Maulden, from 20:00hrs.


Committee/Working Group Members

Alan Plom [Chair / Leader of Infrastructure WGp]

Simon Barnes [Vice Chair / Leader of Housing WGp]

Roger Ball [Leader of Environment Gp / Maulden Parish Council (MPC)]

Mark Bingham [Leader Social, Educ & Welfare WGp]

Nigel Coote [Env WGp]

Mike Browning [Env WGp]

Ruth Plom [Social, Educ & Welfare (SEW) Gp]

Sarah Michael [Treasurer / SEW WGp]

Philip Jackson [MPC Chair]

Philip Allen [MPC]

John Coyle [MPC]

Guest Speakers

Mike Lake + Simon Andrews [DLA Town Planning Ltd]


David Illingworth

Linda & David Olney

John & Susie Batt

Sian & Stuart Nelson

Tim Skinner

Ian Ormrod

Cath Bennyworth

Leslee Reynolds

Dr Bill Edwards

Sue & David New

Marjorie Horrell

Emma Jackson

Julie Sheppard

Rev Canon Lynda Klimas

Heidi Davidson

Observers (contd)

Andy Marshall

Steven Summerfield

Andrew Summerfield

Liz Summerfield

Richard Francys

Justin Snoxell

Gary Vincent

Roger Bradshaw


Lesley Illingworth [Sec]

Cllr Paul Downing

Julian Smith

Joyce Ormrod

[40 present]

  1. Alan welcomed everyone to the first meeting since November. Unfortunately there were not enough seats for the 40 people present – our best ‘turn-out’ yet, stimulated by the Green Infrastructure (GI) Consultation meeting in the Village Hall on 23 Jan. [Fortunately, all 150 who attended that didn’t turn up at The George!] All were invited to sign the attendance sheet and leave contact details to be kept informed.
  2. This month’s guest speaker was Mike Lake [MD, DLA Town Planning Ltd] invited to outline a possible development to the south of the village. This followed the presentation in November by Michael Hillson on the potential for a development in association with Aragon Housing (and also possibly including a school or other community facilities) on their land to the north of Clophill Road.
  3. Both schemes had been presented to the PC’s Extraordinary Meeting on 12 December, but only a few present had attended the PC meeting and in view of the large number in the room – most wanting to hear Mike Lake’s presentation – the Chair decided to let Mike speak first (Agenda item 4.5) and deal with the rest of the agenda/Steering Group business after.
  4. For consistency, these notes of the meeting have been produced in agenda order.

Subject to removing Andy Marshall as a representative of the Flitton, etc MNP [Min 1(ii)], the minutes were agreed and signed.

[ACTION: AP or RB – Revised version to be filed in Dropbox folder and posted on our webpage.]

  1. Min 4.4 – ‘Strategic Off-Road Access Link (from Clophill, Flitton, etc) to Flitwick: The suggested spur to Maulden was raised at MPC on 4 Dec. [ACTION: PJ/MPC to seek involvement in this Project.]
  2. All other actions were completed or reviewed under agenda items.

4.1 CBC Local Plan

  1. Discussion on this was largely covered during Mike Lake’s presentation (agenda item 4.5).
  2. Consultation – Mike explained that CBC had brought the consultation forwards reducing the 2-year process to 6-8 months to avoid a significant increase in the target under the Government’s new Housing Formula. This could lead to a rise from 1,800 to 2,500 houses per year being imposed on the area, if CBC’s Local Plan isn’t in place by the end of March.
  3. Proposal – Following consultation on the Draft Local Plan, the latest ‘pre-submission’ version had reduced the ‘approved’ sites in Maulden from 9 to 3, with a potential 87 houses instead of the possible 180-200 proposed originally. However, this does not include any planning applications currently in the pipeline, or prevent others from being proposed. These would lead to ‘unstructured’ development.
  4. Implications for the School – Apparently, CBC do not consider the capacity of the Lower School a limitation as the School ‘roll’ is 150 and it currently has 143 pupils (most from within the catchment). However, as Mike Lake pointed out, if the various planning applications (and appeals) in the pipeline were all successful, these could lead to another 228 dwellings, on top of the 87 in the latest Local Plan. These would inevitably increase pressure on the school (where there is little room for expansion) and other local facilities. It was estimated this number of extra houses would result in an extra 14 children/year for the school. This would increase year groups to 45, which would then need to be split into two classes, requiring more classrooms.
  5. If some development was included in the NP this could have potential advantage [in making a new school more viable]. The impact of moving from 3 tier to a 2 tier system (if this ever happened) is also a factor for the NP to consider. [ACTION: This information to be obtained from CBC. (SB?)]
  6. Response to CBC – The PC and MNP will be responding to CBC on the Local Plan, and attendees were encouraged to comment individually via the CBC Website by 22 February. It is important to comment separately and not on behalf of groups of residents or families, to give responses more weight. [ACTION: SB & AP to meet and draft MNP submission.]

4.2 Green Infrastructure Consultation Meeting

  1. RB (Chair of the Environment Working Group) reported on the ‘GI’ consultation meeting, held in the Village Hall on 23 Jan. 150 attendees demonstrated the strong interest in this topic, although some expected to hear about and debate the proposed housing developments in the village. These were described.
  2. Unfortunately ‘only’ 100 GI survey forms were printed and available on the night. Many were handed in at the meeting, but arrangements would be made to leave them at The George and it is also available for completion online, via the Greensand Trust’s (GST) website until 6 Feb. [ACTION: RB to post on MV.]
  3. Various maps were also displayed on tables, to collect opinions on various aspects of the environment, using coloured stickers and recording comments. These maps can also be seen (by appointment) at the Greensands Trust Working Woodlands Centre, alongside the A6 at Maulden Wood, Haynes West End, Beds MK45 3UZ – phone 01234 743 666 to check access and when available.
  4. The Chair thanked GST staff (Sue Raven and speaker Jon Balaam), the Environment Working Group and others who helped usher and refresh the attendees for their hard work and help in making this event so successful. GST were also offered ‘good luck’ in analysing and making sense of the responses.

4.3 Report from Maulden Parish Council

(i) The PC have yet to form a view on the two outline proposals presented at the Extraordinary PC Meeting held on 12 December. Both offered a school or other community facilities to be part of their development. These involve:

  • potential development of 18 acres of land to the north of Clophill Road and
  • a 25 acre site, adjoining the south of the village.
  1. A “Stakeholder” group was also proposed, to consist of parish councillors, neighbourhood representatives (MNP Steering Group?) and district councillors. It would be logical for the MNP to participate, and we would be willing to do so.
  1. Summary Report needed for next PC meeting on 19 Feb. [ACTION:AP]

4.4 Planning applications

  1. Cllrs Allen & Jackson reported that of the 2 planning applications considered on 3 Jan by CBC, one had been approved (CB/17/00981/OUT – 21 dwellings on land North of Clophill Road, Hall End, Maulden) and CB/17/00156/OUT (14 dwellings on land East of 13 Clophill Road, Maulden) “minded to refuse” rather than a refusal because the applicant had already lodged an appeal.
  2. No further information received yet on the application for 49 dwellings at Old Farm, Clophill Rd, which was refused in April and appealed on 30 October 2017.
    1. 2.5.Potential development in Maulden [Presentation by Mike Lake (MD, DLA Town Planning Ltd)]

[NB. Unknown to Mike this was recorded but he has kindly agreed to it being posted on our website.]

  1. Targets – Mike described Councils as being ‘under attack’ from the Government to build more houses and from many “aggressive” or “speculative” piecemeal planning applications, which are challenging CBC on its 5-year land supply. Until CBC’s Local Plan is in place, the Council has to use the National Planning Framework, which favours development, provided it is ‘sustainable’. There could be legal challenges to the Local Plan and, even if adopted, there would probably need to be a further review to consider the major new developments proposed along the East-West Oxford-Cambridge ‘Corridor’.
  2. Local Consultation – Mike stressed that this proposal is only at the concept stage. He acknowledged that it included some sites rejected by CBC in the Draft Local Plan and that all landowners involved would need to work together. These include CBC and MPC, at each end of the site. Mike recognised the leading part that MPC and MNP were playing in speaking to potential developers, and kindly described our approach as ‘a breath of fresh air’ compared to other areas in his experience.
  3. DLA Town Planning and the several private landowners that could be involved in the proposed scheme accept that it is important to plan and control where growth should take place and are keen to discuss and work with villagers, through the MNP and the Parish Council, to devise a workable scheme and develop a design ‘brief’.
  4. The Proposal – Mike gave an illustrated slide presentation, describing the proposal for up to 200 residential properties on 25 acres of land owned by a number of different landowners (including MPC and CBC). It would run along the rear of properties in Ampthill Road, extending from the CBC-owned Duck End Farm on Flitwick Rd to MPC’s allotments near Silsoe Road. A new access road would run through the site from Flitwick Road to Ampthill Road, emerging close to the Silsoe Road junction.
  5. Together with the potential number of houses being considered in the Local Plan and currently going through the Planning Process, this could lead to a total of 400 houses in the village. This compares with the 450 houses being built off Abbey Lane, near the ‘Tidy Tip’.
  6. Environmental considerations – The development would also be designed to avoid disturbance to the Nature Reserve. It was pointed out that the latest site approved at Hall End allowed just 15m buffer to Maulden Woods. Mike argued that the development could contribute to enhancing the Reserve. This would be discussed with The Greensand Trust, who are carrying out the Green Infrastructure Survey for the MNP.
  7. New School/Community Facilities – Part of the site could be allocated for community use (eg a new school or village hall). A new school could cost up to £6mill to build. It could be located on the MPC-owned land or at the other end of the site on CBC land, if preferred. The old school building could also be re-purposed for community-use the playing field for football, etc. This could be included in the MNP.
  8. Funding – It was suggested that £4-5 million could be raised from the sale of land and development. [eg. Ampthill Heights raised £1.5mill for Alameda School.] However, there was some debate (and doubt) about allocation of the ‘Section 106’ and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds to such projects. Mike explained that CIL is non-negotiable, and is based on a rate of £/sq m of internal floor space. However, CIL is not ring-fenced for local use, unless the NP specified its allocation. S.106 funds are only generated from developments of more than 10 houses, so a single large development would provide more benefit for the village. Money could also be raised from sale of Council-owned land (‘Development Uplift’), which could be also used to (part) fund a new school.
  9. In response to a question about the (in)ability to guarantee funds from developments in the Parish could be spent in the village, PJ confirmed they could – if a suitable ‘project’ was identified and specified at the Planning Application stage. Once approved the (statutory) NP is, it can direct Councillors to allocate levied funds to projects specified in the NP, as well as defining location, type of housing (% ‘affordable’, etc).
    1. 5.1.Green Infrastructure Survey (GIS)

GST will analyse the responses from the GI Survey and provide a report on next steps. We hope to carry out a similar exercise at Redborne School, possibly during an assembly, to engage and get the views of young people living in the village. [ACTION: HL/AP]

    1. 5.2.MNP Survey – by BRCC

This is to be initiated with a meeting between Working Group Leaders, Jemma MacLean (BRCC) and Siobhan Vincent (CBC) late in February/early March. [ACTION: AP to contact and organise.]

    1. 5.3.Update on MNP Project Plan

Item deferred (again) as Project Coordinator Simon Ratcliffe was unable to attend the meeting.

[ACTION – AP to discuss with WGp leaders and SR.]

5.4 MNP constitution/roles & responsibilities

The draft Constitution and Roles and Responsibilities documents still need MPC’s nominations as point of contact to liaise with the Social, Education and Welfare Working Gp and the Regulation Gp [ACTION: PJ]

    1. 6.1. Actions from WGp Leaders meeting

Action Log to be updated and WGp Leaders meeting convened. [ACTION: AP]

    1. 6.2.Analysis of joint NHP/Maulden PC Housing Consultation

Awaited from David Bailey. [ACTION: DB/AP]

    1. 6.3. Other Working Group activities
  1. Questions and ‘As Is’ Statements to be finalised for comparison and discussion with CBC (Siobhan Vincent) and BRCC (Jemma Maclean) by end of Feb. [ACTION: WGp Leaders]
  2. The Local Economy/Business Working Group – All potential members/’consultees’ contacted by AP and agreed, but no Group Leader forthcoming. [ACTION: AP/SB to draft Survey Questions and As Is Statement for consultation.]
    1. Communications
  1. MNP banner and advertising signs obtained for GI meeting 23 Jan.
  2. Article written and posted in Maulden Village magazine by AP. Summary article needed each month, also for our website, and MPC meeting (19 Feb). [ACTION: AP]
  3. To finalise website ASAP – by next meeting [ACTION: RB to liaise with SR and DB.]

6.5 Future Working Group and Village Consultation meetings.

Dates TBC, but PJ advised that the Village Hall is no longer available on Tuesday evenings (or any weekday), so an alternative will be needed – unless we can use it on nights the Drama Group are not using it. Unfortunately, neither St Mary’s Church Hall or The Baptist Church Hall can accommodate as many.






Amend and post minutes of last meeting on website



MPC to discuss connection to new ‘Strategic Off-Road Access Link’ to Flitwick



Information on 2 vs 3-tier schools to be obtained from CBC/MPC



To respond to CBC on Local Plan (by 22 Feb)



To promote on-line GI Survey on social media (MV etc)



Monthly Summary Report for next PC meeting (19 Feb) and Village Mag [Also 6.4(ii)]



Arrange Redborne School meeting/assembly



Organise meeting between WGp Leaders, BRCC & CBC late February/early March



Discuss/Update Project Plan – with WGp leaders and SR



MPC to confirm nominations to liaise with SEW and Regulation Working Groups



Update Action Log and convene WGp Leaders meeting



Analysis of joint NHP/Maulden PC Housing Consultation



Questions and ‘As Is’ Statements to be finalised for meeting end of Feb



Local Economy/Business Working Group – draft Questions and As Is Statement



Finalise Website (by next meeting)


  1. AOB – Date of next meeting

Next meeting to be held on Wednesday 28th February at 8pm, Upstairs in The George, as usual. Anyone with an interest in development and planning in Maulden are welcome to attend.

No further business, the meeting finished at 21:30.

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