NHP Minutes – 31 May 2016



Minutes of the 2nd meeting – 31 May 2016

Held at 15 The Knoll, Maulden, 19:30hrs


  1. David Bailey (Chair)
  2. Alan Plom (Sec)
  3. Julie Shepherd
  4. Simon Barnes
  5. Robbie Locke
  6. Marilyn Caves
  7. Cllr Philip Jackson }
  8. Cllr Roger Ball } Observers (Maulden Parish Council)
  9. Cllr Christine Inskip }

Apologies for absence

  • Jayne Walker (Observer, also invited from Maulden Parish Council, Planning Committee)
  • Andrew Draycott


  1. DB explained the status of the Group and agreed to act as Chair.
  2. Following his comprehensive (and very well-received) presentation to Maulden Parish Council (MPC) on 11 April 2016, MPC had accepted the Group’s offer to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the village.
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
  4. The minutes of the inaugural meeting held on 23 Feb 2016 were agreed and signed by the Chair.
  5. These provide a useful summary of the purpose and status of the Group.
  6. The Minutes will be available to Group members and observers (together with other reference documents, etc) via the Group’s Dropbox account.
  7. The Minutes will also be made publicly available via the Group’s FaceBook page??? [ACTION: Sec or DB]
  1. Recruit full committee
  2. AP confirmed he is willing to act as Secretary initially, although he feared he would not be able to cope with all correspondence and actions likely to be required (due to pressure of work), so would need help from the Cttee.
  3. SB and JS had agreed to act as Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer respectively.
  4. DB pointed out we will also need to appoint a Vice-Chair. He emphasised this will be a long process (2-5 years) and as the Plan evolves, other roles will arise, eg leaders for topic/working groups. Examples of possible working groups were outlined in DB’s presentation to MPC. These included:
    • environment
    • sports
    • arts
    • history
    • minorities
    • the disabled
    • the elderly
    • Church groups
    • the school
    • business groups
    • the under 25’s
  5. A wide range of ‘sub-committees/working groups’ had also been set up by other NHP Groups to help develop their Plans. AP has obtained a number of Village Plans and Question sets and DB has provided some links to other useful examples that could be used as models. RL offered to lead on ‘Environmental Impact’ – although he will be studying again (at university) in Sept. JS offered to lead Education and welfare.
  6. Barry Eassom, Chair of Hail Weston’s Village Plan Group has offered to speak to us to share their experience and we also have contact (through MPC) with CBC Cllr Paul Downing who can advise us about Clophill’s NHP. Also a possible contact in Ampthill to be approached. [ACTION: AP to invite both to future meetings – When tbc at next meeting. Also to ask CBC what other communities are producing NHPs.]
  7. PJ explained that now he has been elected as Chair of MPC he may have less time, but he was still keen to contribute. All agreed his previous experience would be invaluable.
  8. RB agreed to act as main liaison with the PC.
  9. MC and CI offered to help whenever/however they can.
  10. DB advised that we should be drafting the ‘As is’ statements for the next meeting [ACTION: DB???]
  11. The working groups topics will be decided at the next meeting. We will then approach individuals to become involved. [ACTION: ALL to review relevant docs highlighted on the FB page and in Dropbox, before the next meeting.]
  1. Status of NHP boundary
  2. The ‘NHP’ area cannot be defined until Central Beds Council (CBC) have approved the Application, submitted by MPC.
  3. The consultation process completes on 13 June, but it is assumed this will align with the Parish Boundary.

4. CBC ‘Call for Sites’ – implications and plan of action

  1. The map of nominated blocks of land issued recently by CBC following their ‘Call for (Development) Sites’ was examined and implications discussed.
  2. Concerns were expressed, eg about increased traffic and pressure on local services. There had been discussions in the past about the adequacy the sewerage system, and this had blocked some previous planning applications. [ACTION: TBC??? This issue should be a priority question for Anglian Water, asap.]
  3. In particular, the large block adjacent to Ampthill (ALP 053/ MLP 390) would eat into the ‘Green Belt’ between Ampthill and Maulden and could mean the Parish boundary might be moved (at Maulden’s expense, in terms of CIL)?
  4. Other areas impacting on the ‘Village Building Envelope’ included land to the north of Clophill Rd (ALP 023, etc) and the ‘Pheasant Farm’, south of Clophill Rd (ie ALP 153???). The latter has been repeatedly excluded to avoid joining up two halves of the village, and because of concerns about traffic exiting onto Clophill Rd.
  5. Apparently no MPC land had been ‘offered’ to CBC – although PJ said there is no record of the PC opposing this in principle, only if there was a ‘5-year tenancy agreement’. However, there did not appear to be any record of any such agreement [ACTION: PJ to ask MPC Clerk to confirm this.]
  6. It was pointed out that a lot of land ‘managed’ by MPC is still owned by the Wingfield family, and will be subject to ‘reversionary clauses’. [ACTION: DB to check.]
  7. There was some discussion about the type of housing needed in Maulden, eg suitable for the elderly as well as ‘affordable/starter homes’. This could be specified in the NHP, although DB confirmed that until the NHP is adopted by referendum (ie supported by a majority of residents responding??? ) it does not have any statutory power. PJ reported that CBCs ‘Local Plan’ was intended to provide a mix of properties in the area.
  8. DB agreed that we will need to consider CBC’s ‘Local Plan’ – when it is finally published. The previous version was rejected after Luton BC disagreed with CBC. There will be a further consultation exercise, but it is unlikely to change significantly. CBC’s Local Plan has to be submitted by May 2017, or the Government will take it over.
  9. DB pointed out that although a significant amount of land had been ‘offered up’ to CBC, only a relatively small part of this would be needed to meet the 10% increase in properties likely to be required (ie ~100 houses, on ~ 3-4 ha of land, over 10 years). Maulden would also not be constrained by the sites identified.
  10. Not much land had been submitted for employment use, or sites for traveller’s in CB. The map also did not include any of CBC’s land??? It was agreed we should find out all land owned by CBC and MPC within the boundary. [ACTION: ??? to ask ??? at]
  11. Other important elements for the NHP such as landscape and trees were also discussed, particularly following the devastating land clearance on Church Road. CBC are urgently surveying trees in Maulden. Residents could apply for TPOs. [Branksome House ??? was highlighted as an example of a ‘landscape feature’ to preserve.]
  12. DB referred to the flow chart in his presentation and suggested the first step should be to define Maulden currently. [Sue Hart (and other members of the History Soc) were suggested as useful contributors for this.] [ACTION: All – This will be discussed at the next meeting.]
  13. Mechanisms for communication and reporting to MPC/CBC

  1. The NHP will be a standing item on each MPC agenda and the Clerk requires papers/items for the agenda 10 days before each meeting. RB agreed to act as liaison and present an update at each meeting. [ACTION: AP to send MPC’s Clerk a copy of the minutes, when approved by the Group. (nb. Next PC meeting = 7 July.)]
  2. The core team (‘Steering Group) for the NHP will be kept small and appointments made as required on a ‘skills and resources’ basis. We will need to arrange a method to communicate with Working Group Chairs and Members. [ACTION: tbc at next meeting.]
  3. Another formal presentation will be needed after the first Consultation exercise.


  1. Plan regular meetings throughout the year
  2. These will ideally align with the MPC meeting schedule. Agreed we should meet at 8pm on the last Wednesday of every month, ie 29/6, 27/7, 31/8, 28/9, 26/10, 30/11, et seq (except December!). [ACTION: All to note.]
  3. Topics for next meeting:
    • To consider Survey, draft Q’s (eg for “over-60’s” and “young people”.) [ACTION: AP to check if Hail Weston’s Survey is available electronically yet. All to consider options for Q’s, check other available NHP docs, etc.]
    • A graphic designer/printer will be needed to produce the Survey – preferably in the village – possibly Liquid Designs? [ACTION: CI/MC to approach them.]
    • Funding – Contact with BRCC and further research will be needed. (This will become clearer after 13 June.)


  1. AOB
  1. Publicity – A stand was suggested at Maulden Village Show on 23 June. Possible inclusion in the Village Welcome Pack? [ACTION: DB ???]
  2. JS was thanked for hosting the meeting and providing refreshments.

Meeting ended ~9:30pm.


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