NHP Committee Minutes 23 Feb 2016


23rd of February 2016, 8:15 PM

The Knoll, Maulden


  1. Julie
  2. Roger (Observer and invited from Maulden parish council)
  3. Simon
  4. David
  5. Alan M

Apologies for absence

  • Alan P


This being the inaugural meeting there were no previous minutes to be accepted.


Those present introduce themselves, and they set of contact arrangements were exchanged by which members can be contacted and communicate with each other.

Purpose of Meeting

The purpose of the meeting was to form a group which could assist the parish council in creating a neighbourhood plan, or, alternatively, a parish plan, for the benefit of the parish as a whole.

Agreement to Agenda

The agenda was agreed to

Adoption of Members

those present agreed to be members

Councillor Ball was invited as an observer, and is available to act as liaison with the parish Council

Definition and Purpose of Group

The purpose of the group is to create or to assist to create a neighbourhood plan (and all a parish plan) for the village of Maulden within its parish boundary (or such boundary as was decided in consultation with the relevant bodies).

Such plan to be suitable for adoption by referendum and to comply with all of the requirements of the relevant elements of the Town & Country Planning Act and Localism Act as apply.


The following persons were nominated, agreed to stand, and seconded, and voted for unanimously to the following positions

  • Election of Chair – David Bailey
  • Secretary – Alan Plom (to confirm in person at next meeting)
  • Joint Treasurers – Simon Barnes and Julie Shepard

Agree to consult and assist MPC

The group agreed to consult and assist with Maulden parish council. It was noted that only the parish council have the statutory authority to adopt a neighbourhood plan in a parish area.

Discussion of process

A copy of the process by which a neighbourhood plan would proceed was circulated, discussed, and various points were raised.

Co-option of other members on skills and resources basis

It was agreed to reach out and co-opt other people from the community to more fully represent demographic areas that were not currently represented. While the core team for the neighbourhood plan would be kept small and appointments made on a skills and resources basis, it was agreed that there was a need for a wider group that could represent other areas of the village including:

  • sports
  • environment
  • arts
  • history
  • minorities
  • the disabled
  • the elderly
  • Church groups
  • the school
  • business groups
  • the under 25’s

Making the wider group far more representative of the village was considered to be excess beneficial to the quality of the eventual plan.

It was also agreed to invite Jayne Walker as the additional observer from Maulden parish council on the basis that she was also on planning subcommittee.

Consideration will be given to asking Councillor Lloyd Hynes to review the governance and compliance procedures during the creation of the plan.

Agree next steps, Allocate Actions

The following actions were identified, and members are asked to volunteer to assist with them over the next four weeks so that they are in place on or about the time of a presentation to Maulden parish council on 11 April

– create standing orders (DJB)

– define financial rules (DJB, JS, SB)

– define range of costs (DJB)

– define resources needed (?)

– liaise with MPC (Cllr RB, Cllr JW)

– define scope (defer to next meeting)

– define area of NHP (defer to full plan, but give consideration to options of parish boundary, or wider, or lesser)

– create project plan (defer to next meeting)

– present to MPC 11 April (draft asap – AM and DB to create?)



To consider the relative benefits of forming a CIC (Community Interest Company) or Charity as the official organisation for this purpose. Additional research was needed before a conclusion could be drawn.

Thanks and wrap up of draft Minutes

Thanks offered to JS for the kind loan of the house and refreshments

official meeting ended 9:02 PM



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