MV NHP Steering Committee Minutes 30th August 2017


Minutes of the 16th meeting – 30 August 2017

Held in The George Inn Upstairs Meeting Room, Maulden, from 20:00hrs.


Committee/Working Group Members

Alan Plom [Chair/Leader of Infrastructure WGp] (AP)

Simon Barnes [Vice Chair/Leader of Housing WGp] (SB)

Mark Bingham [Leader Social, Educ & Welfare WGp]

Nigel Coote [Environment + Comms WGps] (NC)

Roger Ball [MCP[(RB)

Ruth Plom [Secretary] (RP) – part/end only


Andy Marshall

Barrie Wickins

Cath Bennyworth

Chris Bates

Ian Ormrod

Joyce Ormrod

Leslee Reynolds

Lisa Hudson

Nick Langdon

Rob McLeod

Roger Bradshaw

Sian Nelson


Emma Jackson

John Coyle [MPC]

Julian Smith

Mike Browning

Phillip Jackson [MPC]

Stephen Summerfield [MPC]

  1. Welcome, Introductions and Update
  • Alan was pleased to welcome so many new faces to the meeting – all concerned about preserving our village. Everyone described their interest, experiences and aspirations. Many had lived in the village for 10 to 25+years.
  • Alan and Simon explained the process, status and value of a Neighbourhood Plan, in influencing development – in the wider sense and over the longer term. Also our links with and the role of the Parish Council, Ward Councillors and CBC were explained – for the benefit of the ‘newcomers’. This led to considerable discussion, extending over most of the meeting. ACTION: Add all new names and contact details to distribution list.
  1. Minutes of last meeting (26/7/17)
  • The previous minutes were discussed, although not in order and some items were covered rapidly at the end, as most of the meeting was spent discussing the role of the Steering Group, and the scope and activities of the Neighbourhood Plan, for the benefit of the many people new to the Open Forum.
  • v3 of the minutes were agreed and signed, subject to adding Cath and removing Nigel’s names from attendees. ACTION: Amended version to be filed on Dropbox.
  1. Matters arising (Actions not on agenda)

Item 3.1 Contacts for Silsoe and Haynes NHP teams requested – enquiries to be routed via CBC.

Item 3.2 Standing invitation sent to Gianpaolo Mantini and Steve Roddell from Clophill’s NHP team to attend a future Steering Gp meeting to share their experiences.

Item 4.1 Docs copied to Dropbox.

Item 5.3 Some of those who attended the consultation meetings had been contacted, but process to be completed. ACTION: RP/Sec + RB.

4. Village Update

4.1 CBC Local Plan – Neighbourhood Plan and Villagers responses

  • Much of the meeting was spent discussing the implications of CBC’s Draft Local Development Plan and individual and group responses to CBC. Duck End Lane/Moor Lane, Silsoe Road and Cobbit’s Road areas were well-represented at the meeting and in the comments seen on Maulden Voice or received directly so far, but other parts of the village surprisingly less so.
  • All present accepted some housing development in the village was inevitable, but were concerned about its location and the impact of ‘over-development’ in the village.
  • The infrastructure in and around the village is already straining, and there was a strong feeling that doctors and other services would not be able to cope with the increased population occupying the extra houses currently approved and proposed, let alone any additional development in and around Maulden as proposed in CBC’s draft Local Plan.
  • Alan reported that he had submitted MNP’s (16 page) response to CBC (with some difficulty), literally at the “16th hour 57th minute”! He thanked Simon for his extensive research, collecting information on Maulden’s housing needs, and drafting the response. This would also be useful background for the NPs Housing Plan. David Bailey had also made some helpful comments on the draft.
  • A slightly amended version [with a better ‘call for sites’ map and an additional Appendix] had since been sent to CBC, and accepted. A limited number of copies of the amended version were tabled and discussed briefly.
  • ACTION: A copy of the final version of MNPs submission to be posted on our website and in Dropbox.
  • Alan also circulated a copy of an outline ‘Maulden Neighbourhood Plan’. [NB. This was not based on factual information and only intended to illustrate what the final ‘Plan’ could look like. Unfortunately someone had taken this home with them after the meeting. Alan needs his only copy back, because it will be too expensive (using his own printer and coloured ink!) to print out another copy.]
  • ACTION: Please let Alan know if you have it [via ] and return it either at the next meeting, or to 3 George Street, Maulden [opposite The George].
    1. 3.2. Report from Maulden Parish Council
  • Roger reported that the PC had convened an Extraordinary General meeting (in camera) to discuss its response to CBC’s Local Plan. They had also agreed to consider making available an area of PC-owned land for development.
    1. 3.3.Recent Planning Applications
  • The recent application to build 50 houses between Clophill Road and the A507, opposite Burgoine’s is causing a lot of consternation, especially as these would be in addition to the (up to ~350) houses that might be permitted by CBC’s Local Plan.
    1. 3.4.Clophill Neighbourhood Plan : Sharing experience
  • Not discussed as Gianpaolo Mantini had not attended. [Subsequently notified that he was unwell.]

5 Project Plan and Funding

5.1 Funding Update

  • Alan reported that the bid for Government funding had been submitted and he has had conversations with the assessors for the department, confirming that our application was being considered positively, and we should hear within a week to 10 days.
  • Alan explained the complicated process of applying for the grant and why it had taken so long to obtain and consolidate all the information and quotes required. This wasn’t helped by loss of key members of the Steering Group. He thanked Sarah (MNP Treasurer) for collating the information and driving the application through.
  • As previously proposed, we have applied for a total of ~£6,500, primarily to commission Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC) and The Greensand Trust (GST) to help us develop the NP. It also includes ~£500 for publicity materials, a banner and consumables, etc.
  • Initially, BRCC will be helping to finalise our Survey questions (at no cost, under their contract with CBC), and then posting out, collecting and collating the village survey. The GST will be carrying out a ‘Green Infrastructure Survey’ and will produce a detailed report.
  • The money will have to be spent over 6 months

5.2 Project Plan

  • Simon Ratcliffe had agreed after the last meeting to be Project Manager but unfortunately wasn’t available when the draft Plan was required [to be submitted with the application for funding], so Alan had produced one (based on the ‘My Community’ model), giving the timeline for 2017/18 and beyond (possibly another 3 years).
  • In view of the lack of time and non-availability of some key Steering Group members/Working Group Leaders, the Project Plan (Paper MNP 170830/1) was not reviewed. ACTION: To be discussed and agreed at next meeting, before posting on website and in Dropbox.

5.3 Constitution & Roles

  • Alan had also finished drafting the ‘Constitution, Roles and Responsibilities’ document (Paper MNP 170830/2) but again, discussion was deferred to the next meeting.
  • Simon appealed for more volunteers, to help the Working Groups. Ruth needed to stand down from the Secretary role (due to work and family reasons) so we also desperately need someone to take notes and produce draft minutes of our Steering Group meetings.
  • ACTION: To advertise (via MV) asap, and anyone interested to let us know via: .

  1. Working Group Updates

6.1 Housing – Discussed at length under previous agenda items.

6.2 Infrastructure – In response to a point about ‘Clophill Road becoming a race-track’, Alan explained the position regarding Traffic Calming, including the joint application by MPC and Safer Maulden to CBC for match funding for a project (still to be identified), and Safer Maulden’s proposed survey of residents’ preferred options and locations for measures to be installed. However, this was a costly process, and unlikely to be resolved quickly.

6.3 Communications – Publicity had been stepped up on Social Media (Maulden Voice, etc) particularly on the back of CBC’s consultation on the Local Plan. The leaflet had also been successful in generating awareness and interest, having been delivered throughout the village. Only one person at the meeting did not recall having seen it.

6.4 Local Economy/Business – We need someone to volunteer to lead this Working Group (preferably someone with a business based in the area) as Simon is now leading on Housing. ACTION: Suggestions/volunteers to join (and lead) this Group.

6.5 Social Welfare and Education – ACTION: Mark Bingham to discuss scope with previous Leader (Julie Sheppard), re-convene the Working Gp, review the draft ‘As Is’ Statement and Questionnaire.

6.6 Environment & Heritage – Roger Ball has taken over this Group and started to collect information. ACTION: RB to review Robbie Locke’s draft ‘As Is’ statement and Questions, and to liaise with Sarah Michael and Greensand Trust to initiate the Green Infrastructure Survey.

6.7 Regulation – ACTION: Alan still to speak with David Bailey.

7 What next?

  • As many of the Steering Group members were unable to attend the meeting discussion was carried over to the next meeting – or an interim meeting of Working Group Leaders if it could be arranged.


  • Alan apologised for moving rapidly through the second half of the agenda, but many of the key issues had been raised earlier, and the meeting was over-running beyond our scheduled 90 minutes. He thanked everyone for coming and feedback suggested that all found it to be a useful update. Alan reminded everyone that we need more volunteers to help us.
  • The next meeting will be held on the last Wednesday in September at 8pm upstairs in The George, as usual. Anyone with an interest in development and planning in Maulden are welcome to attend.
  • The meeting finished at ~21:45hrs.

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