MV NHP Steering Committee Minutes 26th July 2017


Minutes of the 16th meeting – 26 July 2017


Committee/Working Group Members

Alan Plom [Chair/Leader of Infrastructure WGp] (AP)

Simon Barnes [Vice Chair/Leader of Housing WGp and Local Economy WGp] (SB)

Ruth Plom [Secretary] (RP))

Sarah Michael (Treasurer) (SM)

Nigel Coote [Environment + Comms WGps] (NC)


Phillip Jackson [MPC] (PJ)

Roger Ball [MCP[(RB)

Rob Murphy (RM)

Sally Chapman [CBC Development Plan Process Manager, Regeneration & Business Directorate] (SC)

George Tarrant (GT)

Julian Smith (JSm)

Cath Bennyworth

+ 2 others [names not obtained]

Held in The George Inn Meeting Room, Maulden, 20:00hrs

  1. Welcome, Introductions and Update
    • SB (Vice Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting as AP was delayed for a few minutes. Apologies were received from a number of previous attendees, including our Ward Cllrs.
    • ACTION: AP to talk with the other new volunteers Jenny, John and Tony.

2. Minutes of last meeting (28/6/17)

  • v3 was agreed and signed, without amendment.

3. Matters arising (Review of actions not on agenda)

3.1 Item 4.1 – ACTION: AP to request email details for contacts in Silsoe and Haynes NHP teams from Cllr Paul Downing.

3.2 Item 4.1 – ACTION: AP/Sec to re-invite Gianpaolo Mantini and Steve Roddell from Clophill’s NHP team to attend a future Steering Gp meeting to share their experiences, asap

4. Village Update: recent events or emerging issues

4.1 CBC Local Plan and MNP in context

  • CBC need to have a rolling 5 year supply of housing. NPs are intended to last for 20 years, and should be kept under continual review, as the village’s needs change. The new Act allows for NP reviews. Of the 79 Parishes in CB, only ~50% ‘need’ to produce a NP.
  • SC warned that NPs must comply with Reg 14 of the Neighbourhood Plan Regs, engage with the community, and support any statements/policies with evidence, as the Plan is a statutory document or it will fail. Types of evidence to go in the Appendices were discussed.
  • CBC staff and BRCC will be able to help us with finalising the questions, etc.
  • CBC’s ‘Planning Document Hierarchy’ was distributed (and explained). This clarifies the inter -relationship and status of the different types of Plan [nb. Those with bold titles are currently in place.]

ACTION: Sec to post copy on Dropbox.

  • Specific evidence (reasons and policy) and a consultation statement and map/s are needed, eg. for bungalows. SC suggested we put in a wish list of what the villagers wanted and need.

4.2 Leaflets

  • SB reported that ~75% of the village has received the MNP leaflets so far – mostly delivered by Speed Watch volunteers. RB and others had also helped.

4.3 Maulden Lower School

  • AP and NC had met with the new Head Teacher of Maulden Lower School. She was very supportive of the MNP but surprised she had not been consulted about the implications for the school on capacity. AP urged the School and Governors to discuss the Local Plan.

4.4 Maulden Parish Council Update

  • PJ said that MPC will be responding to CBC on the draft Local Plan by the deadline, 29 August.
  • He questioned some of the statements in CBC’s ‘Settlement Capacity’ document e.g. Maulden’s Post Office once a week was hardly “a capacity”.

4.5 Recent Planning applications

  • MPC are currently considering applications for 21, 23, and 49 houses. The first two have been put on hold and the largest site plan has been rejected. MPC are in close consultation with CBC.

5 Project Plan and Funding

5.1 Funding

  • SM met with SB and AP on 25 July and estimated the funding required for our “phase one“ grant would be around £5k. Quotes have been requested from BRCC and Greensand Trust (GT) [CBC’s ‘preferred’ contractors] – for BRCC to mail out, collect and collate the MNP Working Group surveys and for GT to carry out the ‘Green Infrastructure’ Study and produce a suitable report.
  • Meanwhile, MPC had loaned MNP £250 for the production of the leaflet, produced by SR & SB.

5.2 Project Plan

  • SC confirmed that the Housing Needs survey carried out by BRCC for MPC in 2014 would be considered still current and did not need updating – other than any other supplementary evidence from our own surveys – so this would save some time.
  • SC advised us not to use the grant money on consultants until we need them (towards the end) to check and ratify the Plan as suitable for submission. Sally‘s team at CBC and BRCC will be able to help MNP to frame our Maulden-specific questions.
  • Agreed to use the ‘My Community’ Project Planner and to consider timeline and costs for 2017/18. and beyond.

5.3 Constitution & Roles

  • AP has not finished drafting the Roles and Responsibilities document yet. [ACTION AP – Bring to next meeting]
  • It was agreed that we need a Project Manager – SR volunteered after the meeting.
  • More help is needed from volunteers, particularly now the Working Groups need to crack on. AP suggested local skills are needed to fill the gaps – ACTION: to advertise (via MV) asap.
  • ACTION: RP to contact the names on the slips and emails produced from the village meetings and the flyer. RB volunteered to help. .

6 Working Group Updates

6.1 Housing

  • The MNHP needs to respond to CBC on the draft Local Plan, based on factual analysis of the early feedback. PJ pointed out that no target had been set (yet) but 72 houses had been built in the past 10years, and 150-200 new houses could be anticipated. We need a balanced range of sites.
  • ACTION: SB/AP to review and update the As Is statement and adapt for sending comments to CBC.
  • The detailed analysis of the call for sites map used at the 3 April Housing meeting is still to be completed. [ACTION: DB]

6.2 Infrastructure

  • The As Is statement and questionnaire need to be updated following the meeting with Safer Maulden and SpeedWatch. [ACTION: AP]

6.3 Social Welfare and Education

  • ACTION: Mark Bingham to convene WGp, review As Is Statement and questionnaire completed by Julie Sheppard is to be reviewed.

6.4 Local Economy & Business

  • SB reported no further progress on this aspect.

6.5 Environment & Heritage

  • Roger Ball agreed to take over this Group, from Robbie Locke . ACTION: RB to review As Is statement, and to speak to Greensand Trust.

6.6 Regulation

  • Scope and purpose of this WGp is unclear – ACTION: AP to speak with DB

6.7 Communications

  • The new e-mail address is now being used after being put on the leaflet, the website and mentioned in posts on Maulden Voice.
  • £100 has been budgeted for a Pop-Up Banner.
  • Other places to advertise the NP could be the PC notice board outside the Co-op/Budgens, the Church magazines ACTION: SB to talk to Lynda and Mark
  • ACTION: AP to produce a summary update for publicity and email responses to enquirers.

7 What next?

7.1 Action Log

  • The Action Log has been updated, and will be reviewed again at the next Working Group Leaders meeting (on 23 Aug). [ACTION: AP]

7.2 Project ‘Risk Assessment’

  • GT asked if there was a deadline, and if this is dependent on MPC.
  • After some discussion (incl with SC/CBC) it was agreed that this was not necessary for this project. Issues such as funding, finding people and time, can be considered in updates/reports to PC, etc.

7.3 Future meetings

  • Agreed that the Steering Group will continue to meet monthly on the last Wednesday evening of the month, in The George.
  • Working Group Leaders meetings will be held (when necessary) on the Wednesday evening the week before the SGp meeting
  • The Village Hall is reserved for another MNHP/MPC Consultation Meeting in July, but these will need to be rescheduled – in Project Plan (~every 8 weeks).


  • No further business, the meeting finished at ~9:30pm.
  • Next meeting 30 August – same place & time.

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