MV NHP Steering Committee Minutes 25 Jan 2017

Minutes of the 9th meeting – 25 January 2017

Held in the Meeting Room, at The George Inn, Maulden, 20:00hrs


Committee/Working Group members:

David Bailey (Chair)

Julie Sheppard (Vice Chair/Chair of Social, Education & Welfare WG)

Alan Plom (Secretary/Chair Infrastructure WG)

Simon Ratcliffe (Local Economy WG)


Ian Hill-Smith

Stephen Summerfield

Sue Bluffield

Sian Browning

Mike Browning

Apologies for absence:

Simon Barnes

Alan Murray

Cllr Philip Jackson

Cllr Roger Ball

Cllr Christine Inskip

Marilyn Caves

Patricia Bragg

Cllr Jayne Walker

Mark Bingham

  1. Welcome and Update from the Chair

The Chair welcomed the guests to the meeting, but as only 4 members of the Steering Group/Working Groups were able to attend due to other commitments and their attendance at the joint NHP/MPC ‘Planning for the Future of Maulden’ meeting the previous evening, the Chair deferred discussion on all matters on the agenda until the next meeting, 22 Feb 2017.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting (26/10/16)

As there was a quorum (of 3 members), the Chair signed the minutes and then closed the formal meeting.

Informal Discussion

David explained the current position and activities of the NHP Groups, the process of producing the NHP and value of producing an interim ‘Community Plan’. He used slides to present a detailed analysis of the comments and ‘housing needs’ questionnaires completed the previous evening. Julie and Alan also summarised the comments received in relation to their Working Group’s topics, ie ‘Social, Education & Welfare’, and ‘Infrastructure’ respectively. This led to a useful discussion with the guests about the impact of previous and current developments in the village, and their concerns about the impact of ‘over development’ in the future. The definition of ‘affordable housing’ was also debated.


  1. The NHP should engage with local schools, including Redborne – possibly involving students in projects supporting the NHP. SR provided some useful contacts to explore this with.
  2. ii.Mike Browning is interested in the Environment Working Group, due to his involvement with the Wildlife Trust. Mike to be contacted by the Group Leader (Robbie Locke).

Meeting ended at 21:30pm

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